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CDags.org maintains a Wiki for the express purpose of furthering the art and science of daguerreotypy. It is our hope that this Wiki will become a rich mine of practical information for everyone seeking to understand this complex and beautiful medium.

Contributions from all practitioners are welcome. Off topic articles will be removed without notice. Because this is a Wiki, please expect your contributions to be edited by others. If you prefer to contribute material that you do not wish subject to community editing, contact admin@cdags.org and we will be happy to include your article in the resources section.

As you write we encourage you to be aware that opinions will likely differ in many instances, especially about the specifics of daguerreian technology and methods. It is suggested that differences be tolerated, and that various approaches be highlighted as alternatives rather than as a reason to ruthlessly edit out those we disagree with.

We look forward to the evolution of this modern daguerreian manual and hope very much that each of you will participate in it's creation.

The Editorial Board

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